Crystal Bay
Crystal Bay

Crytal Bay – Nusa Penida

This place is very popular among visitor in Nusa Penida. It located at Sakti Village or about 15 minutes from Dermaga Bajar Nyuh port (angel billabong fast cruise).

At Crystal Bay you can do 3 type of activities. You can enjoying the beach or just relax and see how clear the sea and the sky. You can snorkeling to see beautiful coral and friendly fish. And also you can dive to see Mola-mola fish. That why Crystal Bay Nusa Penida is very popular.

If you get there by riding a scooter or rent a car and you want to snorkeling you can rent the snorkeling stuff from local people around the beach. The price is affordable and reasonable.

Crystal Bay

How to go to Angel Billabong?

From Bali mainland you have to cross the ocean to Nusa Penida island by fast cruise. Then you can rent a car or motorcycle and it only take 40 minutes to get there.

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