Angel Billabong

Angel Billabong – Nusa Penida According to they call this place as natural infinity pool and on the other paragraph they write as a bright emerald green water. One […]

Mol Lenteng

Atuh Beach – Nusa Penida “A” means no and “tuh” means dry, so this word “atuh” means no dry. That is intended not to seawater, but approximately 50 meters from […]

Crystal Bay

Crytal Bay – Nusa Penida This place is very popular among visitor in Nusa Penida. It located at Sakti Village or about 15 minutes from Dermaga Bajar Nyuh port (angel […]

Broken Beach

Broken Beach – Nusa Penida Natural big giant pool whit natural bridge on the other side. Located at Bunga Mekar Village and take 40 minutes to get there from Dermaga […]