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Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach – Nusa Penida

“A” means no and “tuh” means dry, so this word “atuh” means no dry. That is intended not to seawater, but approximately 50 meters from the beach of Atuh there are springs that never dry all year round. Uniquely is even though its being very close to the sea water these wells does not taste salty.

Atuh Beach is located at Pejukutan Village or about 45 minutes ride a motorbike or by car from Dermaga Banjar Nyuh harbor (angel billabong fast cruise port).

Atuh Beach

Atuh beach has clean white sand beach that make you feel very pleased to reach this beach. To get there from parking area you should go down the stairs that safe enough to go.

You can swim on this beach but still you have to be careful when high seas because that to risk for you self.

How to go to Atuh Beach?

From Bali mainland you have to cross the ocean to Nusa Penida island by fast cruise. Then you can rent a car or motorcycle and it only take 45 minutes to get there.

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